At the symphony, the orchestra
performs Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s
love letter to Spain in five movements.
My heart blooms like an Andalusian sunrise,
or the Madrid trees in autumn, or hot blood
spilled in the dust of a Pamplona bullring,
or the prayers of a pilgrim reaching the sea
at Santiago de Compostela.
In the balcony section, my hand
slides up her thigh.

Nicholas Trandahl is an Army veteran, poet, journalist, outdoorsman, and seeker. He finds inspiration in new adventures, nature, books, good food, and the understated beauty of everyday life. Trandahl lives in rural Wyoming with his wife and daughters.
His poetry collections are Pulling Words (Winter Goose Publishing, 2017), Think of Me (Winter Goose Publishing, 2018), and Bravery (Winter Goose Publishing, 2019). His novel Good Brave People was published by Winter Goose Publishing in 2020.

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