dolores reads I

“silence pauses
difficult experiences. 
i better
step away.”

Source:Setoodeh, R. (2020). Kate Winslet on Woody Allen, ‘Wonder Wheel’ and the 20th Anniversary of ‘Titanic’. Retrieved from Variety.

dolores reads II
“you want a witch-hunt
where every guy
is to defend himself.
you hope this could be
transformed into
your movie
and turn out to be

Source: Barraclough, L. (2017, October 16). Woody Allen Clarifies Weinstein Comments: ‘He Is a Sad, Sick Man’ (EXCLUSIVE). Retrieved from Variety. 

dolores knows
money speaks power,
creating fog in facts.
of him she said,
 speak out;
of him, you step away.
of him, be furious;
of him, it’s dangerous.
of himit’s overdue;
of him, it’s difficult.
money buys silence,
the silenced
fogged in 

Source: Op-Ed: Dylan Farrow: Why has the #MeToo revolution spared Woody Allen? (2020). Retrieved from Los Angeles Times.

dolores witnessed/s
little flowers
spoiled / stolen by a
voracious piranha / pariah 
in rumpled khakis.

Source: Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images. (2018, September 17). After Decades of Silence, Soon-Yi Previn Speaks. Retrieved from Vulture.

Nadia Gerassimenko is the founding editor of Moonchild Magazine and proofreader at Red Raven Book Design. She is a freelancer in editorial services by trade, a poet and writer by choice, a moonchild and nightdreamer by spirit. Twitter: @moonmoonmother

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