We don’t want to write an extensive description about our “expectations” or “desired aesthetic,” because we think it limits the space in which an artist creates when things are spelled out.

As Brian Eno said, “I prefer to shoot the arrow, then paint the target around it. You make the niches in which you finally reside.

Just know, that if it resonates, we will publish it. 

If it’s disturbing, we will not. 

We accept poetry, prose, b&w photography, collages, art & videopoems.

RESURRECTION is a central theme here, but again—don’t let that limit you.

Please take a look around and indulge in all of the amazing artists we’ve had the privilege of publishing.

We all die a million times, this human condition has us all in its grip! We’re hoping you’ll show us (and our readers) what that looks like for you—before, during and after. 

We can’t wait to read you!

Send all submissions to


3-5 poems

up to 10 b&w photographs



prose should not exceed 3 pages

we do NOT accept fiction

RESURRECTION magazine editors