Our aim with RESURRECTION press is to be able to produce books from the comfort of our home. We began the journey by investing in a good printer and a full subscription to WORD. The rest we’ll learn as we move along.

We wanted our founding editor to be able to have a tangible product of her many projects as soon as they were ready for print. We also wanted to make sure that half of the sales from our press would go to a nonprofit we believed in. So it was an easy choice choosing to share our earnings with Shirley Raines. Please click here to learn more about what she does on a daily basis for the homeless on skid row in Los Angeles.

Our artistic director is in charge of making the books, designing the layout and coming up with ideas for the covers. He is self-taught and thrives under pressure.

For now, the press is strictly for the projects fleshed out by our founding editor. Perhaps in the future we will expand, but for now, you can purchase all of our books and collage prints here.