in a weakened daze by soledad con carne

so much of the day spent   rotating     between        desk and            bed and cigarettes   tears and     smiles and i        overslept           tears, again, and rivers run           over my cheeks while streams run            through my veins    and ideas run and run and run       all the same, and i    scream, i    smile, i spin twirl around,    sing, dance,       laugh, […]

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Poetry by Andre Peltier

Gaspé Peninsula              “Dans les grandes cites, dans les bois, sur les grêves,             Ton image flottera dans mes rêves,                         O mon Canada, bien aimé.” —Louis Honoré Fréchette Roadside ovens  with warm, crusty baguette.  Wine for the adults,  grape juice for the children.  Open expanse,  from Chic-Choc highlands  of caribou and Jacques-Cartier,  to rolling grasses. Over to those steep […]

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Art & Poetry by Danny D. Ford

june afternoon heat like a kitten snagging  my will  to stay  awake in its claws toying with the  remains of my  weekend Danny D. Ford’s poetry & artwork has appeared in numerous online & print titles including the chapbooks ‘Rocket Propelled Rectum’, ‘Three Poets 5’ – Hickathrift Press, ‘Seven Letter Cities’, ‘Sunshine Junkie’, ‘Flexeril Haikus’, & […]

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