Wrapped in a form-fitting gown of flesh

I stand

A collection of parts

A mosaic

Bone framed 

My ancestors left relics

In the chambers of my heart

I’ve yet to see them

But I know they are there

I’m wired with blue strings 

They stretch as I curve around them

My form

A mahogany guitar

Whose sound

Caresses the open space

Sends a breeze through billowing white silk

Across the universe


My spirit meets you

In some desecrated, sacred space

While grains of the earth sift through me

A temporal hourglass

You and I toss clouds into the ether

In unleashed moments

An untouchable epoch

Time clicks

My spirit returns

To this flesh

Awaiting resurrection 

From this earthly saudade

Lisa De Castro has been a teacher for twenty two years.  She teaches high school English, joyfully sharing her love for an eclectic range of literature, and music.  She has published two books, Margot (fiction), and The Beauty of Decay (poetry), and is currently working on her third. She lives in Canada with her husband and two teenage daughters.

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