I dove deep beneath the creek
To get the pollen off my cheeks.
I got caught up in the current
Let the river take my feet;
She dumped me in the ocean
Then left me there to flounder.
In an attempt to ditch the bees
I went swimming with the sharks.
I dove deep beneath the swells
In an attempt to find a shell –
I broke through the billows
With a clam caught in my palm.

Maggie Bowyer (they/them/theirs) is a poet, cat parent, and the author of various poetry collections including Ungodly (2022) and When I Bleed (2021). They are a blogger and essayist with a focus on Endometriosis and chronic pain. They have been featured in Bourgeon Magazine, Capsule Stories, The Abbey Review, Corpus Callosum Press, and more. They were the Editor-in-Chief of The Lariat Newspaper, a quarter-finalist in Brave New Voices 2016, and they were a Marilyn Miller Poet Laureate.

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