Treat dreams like reality, 

so they say, so they say 

So, I have these dreams, 

So, I have visions, wants, 

wanton needs to do it all right, 

flush apparitions of a better way, 

a better world – to heal, 

to bleed out all 

that sticky, hot lava swishing inside 

a rope master’s chalice 

I glance around for someone to heal me, 

for someone to come along and help me 

-penetrate the crust

We’d let it pour out into the Galaxy Drain 

Have you seen it? It’s enormous, 

lit by the bellies of a billion worms 

glowing, glowing, growing 

Only – no one’s eyes have to adjust 

to the darkness to see them 

I say I think I have lost my mind 

I laugh, I stifle nervous laughter 

with my sweating palms placed over my lips 

Don’t worry about helping me now 

I’m beautiful but mad with laughter 

like howls 

I can take on all the evils and throw the badness 

all the bad, 

bad rotten things contained in energy and form 

across the universe into the Galaxy Drain 

Treat dreams like reality 

so they say 

So they say 

Ruth (she/her) is a writer of non-fiction, fiction and poetry in English and Polish. She received her BA with a major in Professional Writing from Victoria University. Her latest work has recently appeared in Dumbo Feather (aus), Mamamia (aus), ABC Everyday (aus) Neon Literary Magazine (uk), Coffee People (us), Parliament (us) and Rhodora (in). Ruth also reads creative non-fiction for literary publications; Catatonic Daughters and Kitchen Table Quarterly. She doesn’t want to own a Tesla and eats copious amounts of peanut butter out of the jar. Drop her a line at or IG @ruth_niemiec

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