I won’t apologize

Risking it all

Probably sixty mistakes I’ve made so far

Asking for vintage photographs since they’re keepsakes

Fear of pushing the elevator button for the fourth floor

Enchanted with Mexican Fire Opals

Magenta moss rose, yellow sun rose, orange rock rose

Pale ten o’clock shadow

Bright ice plant petals in the ice box

Vervain on the brain, they must think I’m vain

Line up your sidewalk with vibrant Orange Emperor Tulips

Send them to my office as an inside joke

Not a psychotic break 

Avoiding societal expectations of having to experience Boanthropy

Hoping it’s just spiritual 

An unmistakable smirk but I think I tried to be stoic

Lighthouses in daylight are still necessary

Beside the water in the springtime

Escape from epidemic ennui, just you and me

Maybe I’ll still have existential dread but at least I’ll have company

I’ve heard that it’s hard to break up

Songs and reality shows playing in my head

Calla lilies in the cavern 

Razzle Dazzle Giddiness

Mentoplasty would get rid of my cleft chin 

Wendy Williams could taunt me on TV 

That is the second time I have knocked over a kimono

Feel the rush from my coral blush 

Another day, I might have a fuchsia flush 

Mauve madness or marvel

Dinosaur sours as part of the last supper

So anachronistic

Experiencing Borborygmi after my nap 

Must be Peristalsis

Going through allostatic overload from cabin fever

Stir craziness

Wishing for razzle dazzle giddiness 

Pictures from my August trip to Portugal keep things in perspective 

Samantha’s Pinwheels poem was published in Reality Break Press’ Volume I Poetry Issue. Other poems by Samantha have been published by Polar Expressions Publishing, Grey Thoughts, Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest, Nymphs, Malarkey Books and Poetry Festival. In 2019, Samantha self-published a collection of poetry called Kazoo through Blurb.

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