ACTS 17:16 

paul left rome for athens

where he found a city full of idols 

& cried out 

for they did not do as he did

if you left the emerald city

without taking off the glasses, 

you too might scoff at someone 

who pointed at a pomegranate and called it red


God told the boy it breaks his heart when

he worships other gods.

it makes Him


i’m glad He wasn’t jealous

when my ten year old eyes acquainted themselves with the ceiling in the dark.

night, a personal hell undertaken

to stand guard against my body caving & slipping 

away to the real one

Tallulah Brannigan is a queer poet & junior at NYU. She likes considering the affective past and believes in the importance of wasting time. You can find her work in Anti-Heroin Chic, and her tweets at @vaguelytallulah.

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