Memories lie

In rosary beads

Rose bush seeds

Between fingers

In prayer

Scattered, buried

Both bloom

From dark places

Of the mind

The earth

Reaching toward sunlight

Hunting for dawn

Outstretched among the thorns

The aches and alleluias

Mementos of the heart

Shrouded in sepia

Beads bound by chains

Familiar refrains

Like the roots of the reddest rose

Bursting forth from the remains

Of the gone

Lisa De Castro is the author of three books: Margot, The Beauty of Decay, and The Girls of Songwood. Her poetry has been featured in Resurrection Magazine, and Janus Literary. She has been teaching for 22 years, joyfully sharing her love of an ecclectic range of literature and music. Married with two teenage daughters, De Castro currently teaches high school English.

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