I dreamt I dreamt I begged 

you for us to watch 

The Office—it was 

so ominous inside, 

so insidious inside of me. 

When I awoke I was so still,

still thinking I was in limbo

still. The frogs, they only laughed

at me. Why do they?

Why do they laugh

as the dawn draws near?

All I knew was

all I needed was

for them to never 

stop—laughing at 

me living through them,

knowing what is real,

and I’m still alive.

Nadia Gerassimenko is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Moonchild Magazine, a sporadic dreamy, experiential online publication, freelancer in editorial services, writer, poet, and visual artist. Nadia is hiding from social media but is not that hard to find if you’re seeking.

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