“And Then the Floods Came”

Face masks are required for entry to

most places now. The world is ending

and we’re busy watching scary movies

on your couch, trying to be oblivious to

the worsening situation outside.

The pandemic isn’t getting better. Have you

checked the numbers lately? Have you

checked the news? It’s not good.

It sounds like the apocalypse is

in your backyard, dancing around your

fire pit that’s overgrown with grass.

Looking through the window in your kitchen

above the sink that doesn’t have curtains,

waiting for us to fall asleep so it can

take us and make us pay 

for our happiness.

I’m holding onto you

at the end of days,

looking for a way

to keep you near me

even as the sky falls.

“I Want to Give You Flowers”

Every flowers second of every day flowers

I want to flowers give you flowers.

You are flowers beautiful like flowers.

You bloom flowers bright and free like

flowers. I need you flowers

in my life like flowers.

I don’t flowers pretend to know flowers

everything you are flowers on the

inside but I’m flowers trying my best

flowers to let you know flowers that

you are gorgeous flowers and I will

spend flowers the rest of my flowers

days letting you flowers know just

how flowers amazing you are flowers.

Rachel Tanner is a writer from Alabama whose work has recently appeared in Saw Palm, Wine Cellar Press, and elsewhere. She has a monthly video game poetry/prose column in Videodame and her chapbook “Heal My Way Home” (Nightingale & Sparrow Press) is available on Amazon. She tweets @rickit.

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