Within you 


a divine message. 

A cryptic psalm.

Would you recoil 

if you heard


omniscient song? 

Would you question your sanity?

Would you deny the source? 

Would you remain silent? 

Better yet, 

what if

your purpose

is to decipher

that prescient hymn?  

I’m not trying to convince you of anything.


all poetry aside,

I’m asking you 

to question


If you could imagine 

the solution,

would you 


amend our world 

by overcoming 

your fears? 

Lorraine’s Psalm

By examining six degrees of passion, 

as if they were rifts 


on wintry roads, 

her mental cycle 

repaired the lining 

preserving her sentient abode. 

The steps are no secret, 

but I’ll repeat them again. 

Despite the hindrance 

of dementia, 

this time, 


deserve a mend. 

Six steps so simple 

that we all

should agree,

but again, 

I will voice them 


When you are frightened 

ask yourself why. 

Then hold your breath

            and scry for lies.

Not too long

but enough to see deeper. 

Where opportunities lie 

next to curiosity’s keeper. 


you will find courage 

to convert fear into knowledge. 

If you survive this inquisition 

it leads to sibylline college. 

Bask in the glow 

with your radiant skin. 

As fear, 


into curiosity, 


endorphins within. 

Learned anew, 


the community of malice. 

Then saunter 

full of wisdom 


from fractals

of solace.

With time,

you will find society 

elevated by soul,

where traditions of the past 

seem frivolous.

Dare I say,


This is an excerpt from the short story, A Psalm for Red Lands.

Keven Guynn is an eternal omnist, writer and gentleman.

Instagram @apatitemedia

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