so much of the day




       desk and 

          bed and


  tears and

    smiles and i


          tears, again,

and rivers run

          over my cheeks

while streams run

           through my veins

   and ideas

run and run and run

      all the same,

and i




i spin twirl around,

   sing, dance,


spin, fall,

          on the ground

cry, scream,


           on the ground

cry, hug


            on the ground,

and i say, “i love you”

       out loud,

just to hear the sound,

“i love you. . .”

just to

        hear the sound.

soledad con carne (he/they) is a first-generation Chicanx poet, student, and mixed-media artist. Based at the edge of stolen Tongva and Tataviam land and the heart of The Valley, soledad is known as the poet laureate of the San Fernando Valley, CA. Their work explores themes like alcoholism, Chicanx identity, mental illness, and divine existence through a surrealist and reluctantly optimistic perspective. A common theme in their work revolves around living in the San Fernando Valley because that just happens to be where they’re from. soledad just likes expressing themself through poetry, so catch them at an open mic sometime.

IG & Twitter @soledadconcarne

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