some days i see both the sunrise
and sunset – bookends
to wash away the guts
of the mundane that nestle into
the in-between
time is so serrated, but
i know how to slow my steps,
breathe the good air
when i see it
i’m still learning, though,
how to hold these beautiful things
without break-
ing them


I have this recurring dream
that the ocean rises
to meet us where we are.
The sky falls
and the seven seas empty
at a snail’s pace.
my whole world turns blue
and now
I understand the metaphor.

Nicholas Olah draws on his love of nature and photography as his main inspirations for writing. He loves walking around in his neighborhood in the Chicago suburbs and watching the colors change during each of the four distinct Midwest seasons. He has self-published three poetry collections, Where Light Separates from DarkWhich Way is North and Seasons, the third of which also includes his photography. His work has been published in Duck Head Journal and Humana Obscura. Check out Olah’s work on Instagram at @nick.olah.poetry or visit his Etsy shop (nickolahpoetry).

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