When I Became a Ghost

I strayed to the shore

floated out along the morning mist

I bobbed on the buoys

salty crests sprayed over me

I gripped

for days on end 

I let the ocean waves whack me

clutched to that floating device

as if it were my oracle

greyed arms wrapped tightly 

clung to it 


for a lapse 

a hole

to fish worm into

some pocket

of orb

to fold snugly in

for the long haul

My Body is a Corset

Laced around my lungs

my body stretches over

this heart


two eyes peer out

tongue in cheek

blankets a dry throat  

scratched and scarred

from screams that 

funnel through

bad dreams

I pull back into the cave of myself

where it is safe

where my body snugly

wraps me

in darkness

I studied Creative Writing and Philosophy at NYU’s Gallatin School and was lucky enough to study under William Packard, founder and editor of the New York Quarterly.  Lately, I am found in Horror Sleaze Trash, Beatnik Cowboy and The Opiate among many other publications. I published my first novel, Death Sisters, with Alien Buddha Press. My first chapbook, Smoke & Mirrors, will launch this fall with New York Quarterly. I currently serve on the editorial team for Red Fez and New York Quarterly.

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