My poem that I translated from Persian to English, written on the margins of Fernando Pessoa’s
“Manipulations of Sensibility” in his book, Always Astonished:

Night (شب)

My heart slowly beats against the night

The alleys

The trees


My eyes can comprehend the darkness


I’m free

And in love with the night…

قلبم برابر شب می تپد

کوچه ها

درخت ها


چشمام تاریکی را درک می کند


من آزادم

عاشق شب شدم

Myriam currently works at the National Iranian American Council and resides in Washington, D.C. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Myriam loves writing, building relationships between people, and moving them to impactful action about issues they care about. She speaks Persian and Italian — fueling her lifelong passion of learning languages. She is also very interested in the intersection of organizing and creative writing. Before joining NIAC, Myriam served as a higher education organizer for the American Federation of Teachers, and helped plan the 2019 graduate student union strike at the University of Chicago — the single largest strike that ever took place in the campus’ history.
You can find Myriam spending time with her family and friends, reading and writing poetry, traveling, and cooking, or doing nothing. Follow her on Twitter @thewooldyer.

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