Love to walk by the creek

and hear the birds speak 

their secret language.

See them play in pairs

like pilots in an air show.

Wish to fly now.

Seems like this whole lifetime 

is spent waiting.

Will miss the fleeting moments

of joy but is it ever

worth the pain?

Salvation is promised

yet we don’t know a thing.

Day follows night

but nothing can be made right

when the best part of you

is missing.

Would we choose to be born

if we had a say?

Life is just a brief interlude

between birth and dying

and matters less than both

in the big picture.

Some stay for a vacation

or weekend

while others live out

a long sentence

until their will or body

break down.

Who knows why

we are left to carry 

on this way.

Robert Pegel is a husband and father whose only child Calvin, passed away five years ago. Robert writes poetry to make sense of the unimaginable, to try and transform his pain and loss.  He has been published in The Pangolin Review, The Galway Review, Trouvaille Review, Grand Little Things, Ariel Chart, Adelaide, Lothlorien Poetry, Bluepepper, As Above So Below, Unique Poetry and others. Robert lives in Andover, NJ with his wife Zulma, and their Min Pin dog, Chewy.

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