I listened (Nirvana)

To rest on the shores of Nirvana

You must freeze your flow

Cut connections to the current

And sift through your skin

Because buried in you

Is the desire to drown, 

It’s better if you stab your eyes

To prepare for never-ending night

And if you opt for vision

Don’t confuse sheets of ice

For a sky you once romanticized

This was your plan for me

And because I loved you,

I listened


Most of my life

I have been told

Specters can’t be spotted

In snowstorms

Nor can rivers contribute

To the world’s wellspring

With solidified streams

But despite popular belief

Even an orb

Contributes to a blizzard

Carson Sandell is a twenty-one-old gay and demisexual poet from San Jose, CA. Currently, he’s a student at Mission College Santa Clara with dreams of becoming a Creative Writing professor. Beyond school and poetry, he is an article writer for The Walled City Journal. 

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