The soldier stated on war
—Die before the start
It saves food and gasoline
And torment in peace—
It’s a fucking haiku from up here
Bad advice is turning
Into beautiful poetry
And I’m starting to see the humour
In this hopeless situation
That I’ve found myself within
I’m on the edge of mind
And the plunge is screaming
I need to fly free
But do you think
Really think
That I could actually land
Smack down
Straight on my face
If I did take the leap
And jumped on my faith?
The water hits harder than floor
Or something of that nature
And I
Well I’ve just been crossing fingers
Sometimes I think
That it’s all just a big ball
Of shit
And then other times I think
That I should purge
Take my own shit
On the world
It doesn’t Matter
If I don’t care
It hurt – until I laughed
Sometimes I find

I just wander around like I’m daft
Aimlessly looking for an excuse
And you know, they are easy to find
Or make-believe if you can try
Hard enough
Fuck! I’ve stubbed my toe love
I’m really sorry, I tried
Please pass me the blow
And load up the slug
If we count drugs
I have died
Every day of my life
To no prevail
Just to wake back up
And repeat the proces

I’ll never be clean
But I’ll get it right
Next time
I promise
Sometimes I think that I have snapped
But then I remember
That It hurts me still
Way too fucking bad
To actually be crazy
The brains determination
To thrive amongst this carnage
An evolution of sorts
While the rest of us
Are left ejaculating
From our nooses
Trying to catch
One last sensation
Of something beautiful
When all there really is
Is pain
Without retribution

Woe is me
And you
And him
And her
And them
Maybe the world just needs to die
Maybe I should take note
And try harder to kill the mind

Megan is a 28 year-old Canadian currently residing in England. When she is not battling with her addictions she can be found writing poetry, dancing in the dark or plotting revenge against herself for all those wasted years. She is working on her first album, learning how to play guitar and mastering the art of self-deprecation, like the total Aquarius that she is. Want to know more? Her horoscope says the rest. 

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