photography by Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins

it was

when it

all started 

dandelions and the crows 

filled odes in notebooks, magic 

mirror from the valley ushered in 

new and useful tools of trade

or commerce, rather

this was capital, a

valid argument

speak up, say                   for the downtrodden

                                        wasp: sing-songing

honeysweet self                -care        sonnets

what’s not to like        ?       share

amongst the coven

or                network                  in

-crease your networth

faces folded to the floor                      in

morning papers delivered

from evil                send pics

                      of hangmen not to

                      mention of course the 

                      empress to impress upon

                      followers a trademark

spread eagle, kissing amethyst

in rag-tag denim clinging to

legs run tired with age

and going nowhere

anything, you say

can be a dream

manifest in bubblebaths and champagne 

cucumber suntan lipgloss yerba mate

scented candles on the altar 

                                                 of your self

                         your true inspiration, gone 

                         forever like a moment ago. 


farewell fairweather authenticity 

                         farewell moon or something along those lines 

                         farewell to your adolescent majesty free of career influence 

                         farewell bookpitch puppet stitched with copper wire 

                        -less connections, farewell conductor 

                                            of payday seances

                         good buy, the best in fact

                         intact, but inside

                        in pieces

photography by Joanna C. Valente

Angelo Colavita lives and writes in Philadelphia, where he serves as Founding Editor of Empty Set Press and Associate Editor at Occulum Journal. He is the author of two chapbooks of poetry, Flowersonnets (2018) and Heroines (2017), as well as a full-length epic poem, Nazareth (forthcoming, Apep Publications). His work has appeared in The Shoutflower, Wildness Journal, Bowery Gothic, Madcap Review, Luna Luna Magaine, Yes Poetry, and elsewhere online and in print. For more info, visit or follow him on Twitter @angeloremipsum and Instagram @angelocolavita  

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