Born in August, 

Teething on starfulness

Like any fire doomed 

To be put out.

Now, hunger;

Starvation circles me as

An army.

My only wish:

To look into the sun without blindly 

Suffering the consequences.

To cost myself for a moment 

Of radiance. 

How funny, 

That I am considered in my prime. 

Desirability left up to variables 

Not even I am aware of. 

My hunger: sexy not war-waged. 

The gravity of me,
The pull

And inevitability 

Will begin to eat more than itself.

Iggy Oddity is a musician, digital artist and poet based in Illinois. They are the founder of the blog Cinema in Paradise which celebrates the legacy of cinema throughout history and the world. Their debut album Desired Particle is currently available on all streaming platforms. 

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