She asked me “what did you need to learn from this experience?”
So I said:
The hard ones. 
Those two lessons sit in my lap these days. 
The teacher has come. 
She smelled like God— So I knew her well. 
She promised to guide me along the shadows of myself
    until we became well acquainted. 
And how could I know that I was still afraid were it not for times like these? 
little girl me just so scared right now in this world
Grown Goddess me keeps vibrating good energy right now in this universe, 
Both of us walking ahead with steady breath in prayer. 
And when I am soft again, my demons worn off again, then and only then can I say
My Love. I have learned.

How I Found My Lover

It was never too heavy.
You were not too weary. 
Eventually, it would have crumbled anyway and might have crushed another. 
You wouldn’t let me stumble upon its cracked roughness and fall into you. 
There was no need for these walls. Everything inside belongs to me too. 
I picked up the useless beams that you laid down for me and started a fire. 
I tended to your broken windows and let the light in. 
I unearthed your rusted door. And it was open. 
It was always open.

Keren Johnson incorporates poetry, dance and spatial organization into her work to freely share of herself with others. Recently, Johnson has poured into those creative outlets with the hope of fostering healing in her community and in an attempt to stay connected to all that is good in humanity.

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