In the Bedroom Series, the question is in how many ways can an everyday object exist? A bed, for example, is an object that we use most nights and days. We sleep on it, with others or alone, we dream in it, we are warm or hot. Our bodies rest and recuperate. We have sex in it, with others, with ourselves. In the end, it is just a massive pile of woven fabric and wire springs that sits on the floor like a boulder and yet it is easily dismissed. It is a phantom.

In the Closet Series, the question is more how do the possessions we keep behind closed doors, mostly hidden from the outside world, infiltrate our consciousness? Clothes and shoes and secrets and jewels are hidden for long periods of time, but from who? From ourselves? From others? From thieves in the night who really want to steal our Levi’s and our old Dodger hats? Your mother’s wedding dress or your brother’s ashes? A closet is prime real estate in some markets and yet, is it necessary? What will it reveal if exposed?

iamtopo is the questioning of what is real and what is not, what is molecular and what is spiritual, what is I and what is you. In both matter and spirit exists a life that encompasses all and yet it is imperceptible by the naked eye. When looking at the universe or inside ourselves, whether tele or micro, a scope with a lens must be used to enlarge and reveal the details that make up our existence. One must observe deep within the outside or the inside to come to the understanding that they are basically the same: electrons orbiting a nucleus are planets orbiting a sun. Our eyes a galaxy, our hearts a comet, our love a black hole.

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