by Yusuf “Yoshi” Misdaq


L’vever arrival 

Hit runway gliding 

Making it all a question of timing 

Falling in your favour

Like times you win 

And the glad handers

Come rushing in 

Towards you 


Don’t plunder this 

Short lived blooming 

Mind warns body 

Mind warns soul

Soul warns body 

Soul warns mind. 

Everything distributes 

Another way to say 


Everything falls into 

Appropriate pockets

Another way to say 

Falls apart. 

What conscious heart 

Throbs and radiates

Asking to receive or 

Willing to give? 

Latter lets you live 

Latter lets you receive

As though autumn leaves 

Swirled up from dead earth and 

Reinforced your armourtree to create 

A wonderful new summertime of you and for you. 

This is how you live the high life of surfers 

An’ forever-youngers

By not bundling everything in to 

Your own back seat.

By not taking all of the winnings

‘N by leaving a few spaces open  

Yusuf ‘Yoshi’ Misdaq is a poet and novelist born and raised in England, and originally from Afghanistan. Yusuf also creates music, and other art forms. He currently lives amidst the trees outside of Washington D.C.

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