“Oh my god”

Fuck time zones and fuck what hour or day it is 
the question should always be 
is the sun or moon up where you are?
the answer will always be 

An addendum: fuck the clock 

Patti Smith wore it first, 
look it up. 
On Instagram she’s always posting pictures of her handwriting or coffee or the moon and

I am trying to find meaning after watching a video of air being moved around, 
that’s putting it lightly,
of fire, of an explosion.
I am trying to find meaning after waking up 
at the dark pre sunrise hour and looking into the horizon and seeing another fire burning here.

The fire there is unlike 
the fire here but they are both the same 
in that they remind me of chaos theory or more specifically the butterfly effect. 

Homero Gómez González, patron saint of butterflies was murdered this year.
This year that has murdered so many 
in a different time zone than mine.
In my time zone people create 
native plant gardens for 
butterflies to call home 
or suburban lawns for 
no one. 

Alexandra Martinez is a baker and poet living in the tumbleweeds of Southern California. You can find her on Instagram @alxndramartinez or twitter @mexicanpiggybnk.

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