Her Rebirth

by Andie Lovins winter rain  smellsofdirt  something  vaginal  i wake myselfso slowlyi let thesepearlssaturate my tongue  drown me  with their earth wisdom  i am muddywithremembrance  but holyraini send her everywhere  i ride on the back of  her truth  the shutters thrown wide  a blossomingshe’s in me nowi’m scrubbed of  all thatnowi am the storm 

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From the Womb

by Allison Baldwin There’s nothing like a mother’s love A monument to practical things. A hairbrush on a nightstand. A notebook tucked away.  She is the anchor in this house. She grounds in fire. She goes into Quick-Chek buys me two half gallons of milk, a box of cookies, never asks for money back. She […]

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