Poetry by Effy Winter

Love me back—and if you can’t, then say so, and let me go with whatever peace I can salvage. Assia Wevill, “Ted Hughes, March 1968,” She did not sign the letter but, at the bottom of the page she drew a dying bird, with outspread wings,                                                                                                                             looking like a woman who had jumped from a […]

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WAITCH by Angelo Colavita

it was when it all started  dandelions and the crows  filled odes in notebooks, magic  mirror from the valley ushered in  new and useful tools of trade or commerce, rather this was capital, a valid argument speak up, say                   for the downtrodden                                         wasp: sing-songing honeysweet self                -care        sonnets what’s not to like        ?       share amongst the coven or                network                  in -crease your […]

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Queen Bee for Breonna Taylor by Kesi Augustine

she slept,but her soul was not at rest.beside her, a drone. on guard, armedwith a gun, like a thornto a rose. a sting of wasps invaded her hive.and though they clipped her wings,her dreams propelledher escape. maybe in her dreamsshe met her future selfa sovereign womanconjured from the spellssticking to her Post-its. maybe in her dreamsshe worked a night shift where […]

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