On the Road to Grassy Meadows with Philip Glass by Ron Tobey

West Virginia natives drive the 2nd class state highways hellbenttwisted curled asphalt counter-graded blind curvesserpentine treachery downhillout of forested mountains into valley sinks kamikaze deer lurk at dawn at dusk invisibleour stretch of Smoot-Dawson is death alleythree persons killed in two years ramming trees and fences on curves at 50 mphand a deer totals my farm helper’s caron […]

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A Psalm for Red Lands (Excerpt) by Keven Guynn

Intro Within you  lies a divine message.  A cryptic psalm. Would you recoil  if you heard your  omniscient song?  Would you question your sanity? Would you deny the source?  Would you remain silent?  Better yet,  what if your purpose is to decipher that prescient hymn?   I’m not trying to convince you of anything. Seriously,  all […]

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