Social Controls by Michael Igoe 

Inclined to the immediate  replete in its complicities.       It ferrets out all the details,     regardless of hostile power.  Engaged in dialogue,                    rude with a phantom.   (There’s always                               rude phantoms        in the works.)         Serving as a third party,           they’re uninvited guests.       Witnessing confessions,           they’re invisible arbiters        in a comfortable alliance.  Michael Igoe, city boy, neurodiverse. Chicago […]

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Unfolding by Liana Kapelke-Dale

strange city of asphalt       and perpetual construction better every time, the people think I sleep in a hotel across from another             mine is barely adequate but the other is large and lush                                     a fishbowl I prefer the barely adequate cigarette burns on the edge of the tub a broken faucet                          I’ll mime bathing instead I’ll swim […]

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Poems by Nicholas Trandahl

GRASS VALLEY, UTAHOut here,mountains riseone either sideof the valley.Spring breeze.Morning choirof songbirds.Harmony.Some long-broken part of mehas been made whole again.I felt it—just now. ARIZONA CABIN Cold morning light spills over our bed— enough light to color the soft curve of her hip. Fragrance of fresh-cut pine, and gentle tired loving. Intoxicated by all that wild […]

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