Queen Bee for Breonna Taylor by Kesi Augustine

she slept,but her soul was not at rest.beside her, a drone. on guard, armedwith a gun, like a thornto a rose. a sting of wasps invaded her hive.and though they clipped her wings,her dreams propelledher escape. maybe in her dreamsshe met her future selfa sovereign womanconjured from the spellssticking to her Post-its. maybe in her dreamsshe worked a night shift where […]

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Lady M by Yusuf Akman

By muttering “the world is a parasomniac stage,” then sleepwalking through it with a dagger, you became this ekphrastic freak, what they call the untranslation of Lady Macbeth. It was one of these Walpurgisnachtsthat you had to wearwashed-up peach colored socksbefore giving a soliloquy behindyour rain dripping marble sill:  “It’s the witching hour,” you said, though it was the hour of the […]

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