Her Rebirth

by Andie Lovins winter rain  smellsofdirt  something  vaginal  i wake myselfso slowlyi let thesepearlssaturate my tongue  drown me  with their earth wisdom  i am muddywithremembrance  but holyraini send her everywhere  i ride on the back of  her truth  the shutters thrown wide  a blossomingshe’s in me nowi’m scrubbed of  all thatnowi am the storm 

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From the Womb

by Allison Baldwin There’s nothing like a mother’s love A monument to practical things. A hairbrush on a nightstand. A notebook tucked away.  She is the anchor in this house. She grounds in fire. She goes into Quick-Chek buys me two half gallons of milk, a box of cookies, never asks for money back. She […]

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Give 2 Life

by Yusuf “Yoshi” Misdaq Jindana  L’vever arrival  Hit runway gliding  Making it all a question of timing  Falling in your favour Like times you win  And the glad handers Come rushing in  Towards you  .Gravitone.  Don’t plunder this  Short lived blooming  Mind warns body  Mind warns soul Soul warns body  Soul warns mind.  Everything distributes  Another […]

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Day 3

by Alais Mara Misunderstanding sucks the sun out of the sky leans the walls in and expands my heaving heart until all I see is red  all I feel is the urge to run.  You smile and tell me,  All of these shadows are harmless, my love.  While you smooth out the knots of someone […]

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Dead Stars

by Manuel Chavarria Among dead stars, Eurydice did claim to find the lady fairWho’d held aloft our shatt’ring world in eras fraught, times of despair,And though that lady waned beneath the lashes of the sudden glareOf raging lights that lurched across the galaxy to find her, where The wind slipped toward the edge of plain […]

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