by Yasmine Sosa

I should have told you 


how beautiful you are,

how your idiosyncrasies

though scattered 

came together 

to paint a sanctuary

Did I

assume incorrectly?

I should not have assumed at all.

Did I

Not integrate empathy?

Perhaps it was apathy.

I realize now

Sanctuary is hollowed space 

Rendered into solace 

Through conscious effort 

And the intention of Love.

Did I allow myself to truly love you?

Or did I pray and offer 

Pocket change 

For the sake and habit of ritual?

Head in the clouds

Overlooking and overseeing

The privilege to be held safe by 

Your earth and its hearth

You were,

A haven during winters,

Misty respite

During feverish summers.

I knew the meaning of sanctuary, but

Did not recognize it until  

It crumbled down

My flesh no longer numb

To warmth and safety.

Yasmine is a 32 year-old creative who spends her free time painting, drawing, playing guitar, and writing. Inspired by classical literature, she first began writing at the age of 14. She was born in East LA, and is indebted to L.A. for her creative inspiration.

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